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Sea Breeze Laundromat, Anaheim, CA

Property Details

Commercial Laundry
6 large washers
6 large dryers

Product Installed

Three i250Ps

Installed Capacity

750,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage


DB Sales

Intellihot helps commercial laundromat clean up its hot water act.

The old boiler and storage tank at this popular laundromat was an unreliable system at best. Without redundancy, the facility was at risk of a complete failure requiring a replacement that could result in a costly shutdown. Intellihot’s tankless water heaters provided the reliability and built-in redundancy the laundromat needed.

The Sea Breeze Laundromat prides itself on being a one-stop shop for laundry services in the Anaheim area. The facility offers its customers a variety of washing options, including top loaders, efficient multi-load front loaders and a commercial sized 80-pound washer for extra large loads. Sea Breeze also provides large capacity dryers for speedy drying times.The owners of Sea Breeze were concerned that they would have to shut down operations completely if the equipment were to fail. Loss of income due to downtime was not a risk they were willing to take. With Intellihot’s equipment, Sea Breeze’s owners are now able to stay open for their customers and no longer worry about a total failure.


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The Challenge

The laundromat’s old water heating equipment was not only rusty and outdated, it put the facility at risk of running out of hot water. It consisted of an old 1.4 million Btu boiler and a 500 gallon storage tank.

The Intellihot Solution

Three i250P models were cascaded together to meet the laundromat’s highly variable demand for hot water. These wall-hung units maximize durability, making them the commercial “workhorses” of the commercial laundry industry.

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